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Solution@team Blacklead. Headquartered in Noida, Blackleads bring to you E-learning solutions with unique methodology geared to increase learning effectiveness. It also results in dramatically reduced development and deployment cycle times. This focuses on creating performance-oriented learning insights that are focused on outcomes, and centered on engaging the learner’s mind.

To create effective solutions, a sound development approach based upon instructional design principles is critical. This requires certain capabilities and core competencies: skills in development and delivery technologies, the right people mix, experience of varied customers and content domains. Blacklead has the desired competencies to create innovative and effective learning solutions and match your expectations.

Blacklead strengths include:
•   Quality
•   Low cost Service vendor
•   Diverse Experience
•   End to End learning Solutions provider
•   Flexible/Accommodating Cost Needs
•   Consistency in deliverables
•   Focus on relationship / Responsiveness
•   Ability to relate to customer / Partnership Oriented
•   Independently stable

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